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Russian Orthodox Church. Official Website of the Department for External Church Relations

Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow and Moscow region, Russia). Official website
History and the present time. His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Documents. Church news. Synodal institutions and commissions. Dioceses and Bishops. Educational institutions. Presentations and publications. The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate. Church calendar. Pilgrimage. Orthodoxy in the world. Questions about Faith and life. Photo, video and audio archives.
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Representation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the European Institutions
Russian Orthodox Church (Western Europe, Belgium). Official website
News, articles, documents and statements related to the official contacts of the Russian Orthodox Church with the European Parliament, European Commission and other structures of the European Union.
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Categories: Orthodoxy around the World, Synodal Organizations
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Synod Commission for Monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church (South-West, Ukraine). Official website
Monasteries of the UOC. Monasteries of Ukraine. Information on monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Search monasteries of Ukraine. Map of monasteries.
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Categories: Monasteries and Convents, Synodal Organizations, Russian Orthodox Church
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Russian Orthodox Church. Official Website of the Moscow Patriarchate

Russian Orthodox Church (Not associated with any particular region, Russia). Official website
News of the Moscow Patriarchate, His Holiness Patriarch, documents, inter-council presence, publications, organisations, personalia, upcoming events, photo, video and audio.
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Categories: Orthodox Web Portals, News, Russian Orthodox Church
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