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Parishes in Russia by Diocese

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Church of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, Butovo
Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Moscow (Moscow City) (Moscow and Moscow region, Russia). Official website
A concise history of the church.
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano   Referrals: +0/-10
Added: 16.05.2003, updated: 25.04.2019
Categories: Databases, Dictionaries, Information, Search, New Martyrs
See also: Parishes in Russia by Diocese
Rating system: 10 (#627)
Page status:
Mary Magdalena Convent of Krasnodar Region
Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Yekaterinodar and Kuban' (South, Russia). Official website
Abbot Superior of the convent, prayer requests, the newspaper “Pilgrim on the Earth”, contact, guest book, news, monastery history.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +0/-9
Added: 13.04.2011, updated: 31.10.2018
Categories: Monasteries and Convents
See also: Newspapers, Parishes in Russia by Diocese
Rating system: 9 (#799)
Page status:
Holy Transfiguration Monastery on Lake Baikal, Posolskoe
Russian Orthodox Church, Улан-Удэнская епархия (Siberia, Russia). Official website
History, divine services, directions and contacts.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +0/-8
Added: 27.11.2008, updated: 08.03.2018
Categories: Monasteries and Convents
See also: Sermons, Revered Icons, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, Film, Video, Electronic Libraries, Newspapers, Parishes in Russia by Diocese, Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 8 (#1096)
Page status:
Anna. Youth Church Choir, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Shchyolkovo

Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Moscow (Moscow region) (Moscow and Moscow region, Russia). Official website
A youth choir, founded in 1991 at Holy Trinity Cathedral, main church of Shchyolkovo (Moscow region). Repertoire, recordings, international choir exchange and coordinates.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +0/-7
Added: 18.09.2001, updated: 06.07.2018
Categories: Performers and Ensembles
See also: Sound Files, Choral Music, Chants, Parishes in Russia by Diocese
Rating system: 7 (#1329)
Page status:
Korennaya Hermitage, Kursk
Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Kursk (Central Russia, Russia). Official website
Korennaya Hermitage Monastery was estabished around 1597 but there has been a Church here since the Kursk Root Icon was found in 1295. Hermitage, Kursk monastery, Orthodox monasteries, pilgrimage, monastic life, Orthodox Church, Russian sacred things, prayers, monks, vistor guide, FAQ.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +0/-7
Added: 16.05.2003, updated: 17.01.2019
Categories: Monasteries and Convents
See also: Revered Icons, Villages, estates, farms, Parishes in Russia by Diocese
Rating system: 7 (#1253)
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Orthodoxe Kirche in Österreich. Orthodoxer Informationsdienst (OID)
Russian Orthodox Church (Western Europe, Austria). Official website
Die im Auftrag der Orthodoxen Bischofskonferenz in Österreich erstellte Homepage informiert über die Aktivitäten der Bischofskonferenz, bietet aktuelle Nachrichten und listet alle orthodoxen Kirchen, Pfarrgemeinden und kirchlichen orthodoxen Ansprechpartner in Österreich auf. Vielfältige Informationen in Text, Bild und Ton über die Orthodoxe Kirche allgemein und das Leben in den einzelnen Kirchen und Pfarren runden das Angebot ab. Alle Interessierten können die Aussendungen/Nachrichten erhalten.
Site language: Deutsch   Referrals: +0/-6
Added: 31.03.2013, updated: 06.11.2015
Categories: Orthodoxy around the World
See also: Parishes of Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Parishes of Romanian Orthodox Church, Parishes of Serbian Orthodox Church, Parishes of Georgian Orthodox Church, Parishes of Patriarchate of Antioch, Parishes of Ecumenical Patriarchate, Newspapers, ROCOR Parishes, Parishes in Russia by Diocese
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