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Christianity in Icons, Murals & Mosaics

Russian Orthodox Church (Not associated with any particular region, Russia). Private site
Gallery of Russian icons, murals and mosaics from 11th till 20th centuries arranged by different topics (The New Testament, The Virgin, Saints etc.), authors, iconographic schools (Novgorod, Moscow, Tver, Pskov, Vladimir etc.), current locations, etc.
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch   Referrals: +134/-56
Added: 09.11.2004, updated: 19.07.2013
Categories: Visual Arts, Icon Collections, Icon Painting
See also: Databases, Dictionaries, Information, Search, Architecture, Culture, Art and Science
Rating system: 860 (#1)
Page status:
Pravoslavie.Ru. Orthodox Web Portal

Russian Orthodox Church, Stauropegial Submission (Moscow and Moscow region, Russia). Official website
Current news and events. Articles’ sections: religion, history, theology, culture, politics.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:
Site languages: Русский, English, Српски   Referrals: +36/-139
Added: 28.01.2001, updated: 10.12.2015
Categories: Analytical Materials, Orthodox Web Portals, Russian Orthodox Church
See also: Social and Political Journalism, Sermons, Questions and Answers, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, News, Monasteries and Convents, Orthodox Faith, Orthodox Media
Rating system: 355 (#2)
Page status: Full-Text Search System on the Orthodox Internet

Not associated with any particular region, Russia). Official website
Full-text search system on the world Orthodox internet. The search is organized on all web sites included in the “Orthodox”web directory. Search index is updated daily.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:, http://искомое.рф/
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +28/-24
Added: 07.02.2004, updated: 12.01.2014
Categories: Programs, scripts, Web services, Databases, Dictionaries, Information, Search, Orthodox Internet
Rating system: 192 (#3)
Page status:
Al Orthodoxiya Radio Station. A light in the darkness

Patriarchate of Antioch (North America, USA). Official website
The first Arabic Orthodox radio station in the world. It broadcasts for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Al Orthodoxiya transmits Spiritual Programs, Byzantine hymns, Divine Liturgy, and Live Services in Arabic, Greek, and English.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:
Site languages: English, Ελληνικά, العربية   Referrals: +27/-28
Added: 07.12.2006, updated: 06.03.2015
Categories: Radio Stations and Programs
See also: Prayers, Prayer Collections
Rating system: 190 (#4)
Page status:
The Holy Virgin Protection, the Holy Saints Cosmas and Damian Church, Titan, Bucharest
Romanian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Romania). Official website
Presentation, location, daily service schedule, bibliography, Holy Places, audio & video.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:,
Site languages: English, Français, Românã   Referrals: +21/-46
Added: 03.03.2008, updated: 02.09.2016
Categories: Parishes of Romanian Orthodox Church
Rating system: 172 (#5)
Page status:
Eudokimos and Konstantinos Giagmouris. Hieratical Fabrics and Ecclesiastical Items
Orthodox Church of Greece (Balkans, Greece). Official website
In the shop of the enterprise you can find all the materials needed for the priest’s clothing, the decoration of the church and the Holy Altar.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:
Site languages: Русский, English, Ελληνικά, Српски, Românã   Referrals: +20/-39
Added: 25.04.2012, updated: 24.11.2016
Categories: Liturgical Vestments and Mass Utensils, Sales of Icons, Liturgical Vestments and Mass Utensils
Rating system: 159 (#6)
Page status:
Miracle of the Holy Fire. One of the greatest miracles of God

Russian Orthodox Church (South-Western Europe, Italy). Official website
Description of the Miracle of Holy Light (Holy Fire) that happens every year in Jerusalem. Where, when and how the miracle occurs. History. The miracle that is unknown in the West. Question of the authenticity. Pictures, stories, witnesses.
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Ελληνικά, Български, Српски, Românã, Polski, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-151
Added: 25.12.2001, updated: 12.03.2013
Categories: Miracles
See also: Photography, History, Culture, Art and Science
Rating system: 151 (#7)
Page status:
Hope. Ukrainian Orthodox Site of Acquaintances
Ukrainian Orthodox Church (South-West, Ukraine). Private site
Here you can publish a letter, read letters of others. The authors hope, by the God’s will, you will find your destiny in this world. Secular, anthropological letters as well as those incompatible with Christian morals are withdrawn from the publication. Forum.
Site languages: Русский, English, Українська   Referrals: +17/-47
Added: 24.08.2007, updated: 27.04.2016
Categories: Acqaintances, Classifieds
Rating system: 149 (#8)
Page status:
Holy New Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth Convent, Minsk

Byelorussian Exarchate, Diocese of Minsk (South-West, Belarus). Official website
The Sisterhood serves many care centers, including the well-known Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital and Municipal Clinical Hospital as well as boarding homes for children and adults with psychological and physical disabilities, a tuberculosis unit and a home care facility for mentally handicapped children. Chronicle, sermons, convent, services, “All for You”, workshops, picture album, contacts, shop.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:,
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Српски   Referrals: +0/-145
Added: 22.08.2008, updated: 09.03.2016
Categories: Monasteries and Convents
See also: Icon Painting Shops, Charity, Mercy, Questions and Answers
Rating system: 145 (#9)
Page status:
Pilgrimages to Holy Land, Jordan, and Sinai: 2012, 2014
Romanian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Romania). Private site
Aelia Capitolina, Al Aqsa, Amman, Bethlehem, Besara, Betphage, Bethany, Bethsaida, Blasphemies, Beatitudes, Caesarea, Edicule, Ein Gedi, Ein Karem, Kfar Nahum, Hacheldama, Hebron, Jerusalem, Jericho, Madaba, Mar Saba, Tel Aviv, Tabor, Mary’s Well, Jericho, Jordan River, Jordan, Quelles Liens, 3D-Panorama, partridge, Gerasimus Monastery, Sea of Galilee, Sect, Sion, Tall el-Hammam, Tiberias, Via Dolorosa.
Site languages: English, Românã   Referrals: +18/-34
Added: 21.09.2012, updated: 21.04.2017
Categories: Pilgrimage, Travel, Webpages by Lay People
Rating system: 142 (#10)
Page status:
Monastery Lepavina, Serbian Orthodox Church
Serbian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Croatia). Official website
Brief historical review of the Monastery Lepavina. News and articles on various topics in English.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Français, Ελληνικά, Српски   Referrals: +19/-27
Added: 31.05.2004, updated: 22.11.2011
Categories: Monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church
See also: Dioceses of Serbian Orthodox Church, Sermons, Miracles, Questions and Answers, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, Saints, Electronic Libraries, Magazines, Orthodox Faith, Serbian Orthodox Church
Rating system: 141 (#11)
Page status:
Eternal Orthodox Church Calendar
Serbian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Serbia and Montenegro). Unofficial website
Calendar, liturgy, prayers, the slava, tradition, fasting, moon phases, Serbian names, history. For webmasters: displaying the calendar on your site.
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Ελληνικά, Български, Српски, Македонски, Georgian, Românã, Suomi, 中文   Referrals: +13/-59
Added: 18.01.2011, updated: 10.12.2016
Categories: Calendars, Names, Electronic Libraries
See also: Programs, scripts, Web services, Serbian Slavas (Family Saints), Fasts, Holidays, Prayers, Prayer Collections, Liturgy, Orthodox Faith, Orthodox Internet
Rating system: 137 (#12)
Page status:
Orphan’s Soul. Karelian Public-youth Organization “Balance”

Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Petrozavodsk and Karelia (North West, Russia). Official website
Karelian regional public-youth organization “Balance” site is dedicated to the orphan children, orphanages, adoption, spiritual problems of family and society, church.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Suomi, Svenska   Referrals: +0/-114
Added: 29.02.2004, updated: 29.12.2016
Categories: Charity, Mercy, Foundations, Charities, Non-profit Organizations
See also: Children, Upbringing, Organizations
Rating system: 114 (#13)
Page status:
Synaxarium. The Greek Orthodox Namedays Reference Portal

Orthodox Church of Greece (Not associated with any particular region, Greece). Private site
The present Greek Orthodox name day portal includes more than 3800 Greek names. Of these, 2800 names (750 prime & 2085 derivated) have known name day (according to Orthodox Synaxarium) and 1000 names have (as yet) unknown name day. Online Easter and movable feast calculation. Various articles on namedays, icons and Saints’ bios.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:,,,
Site languages: English, Ελληνικά   Referrals: +14/-30
Added: 16.05.2006, updated: 03.01.2016
Categories: Calendars, Names
See also: Holidays
Rating system: 114 (#14)
Page status:
Holy Resurrection Church, Göteborg
Patriarchate of Antioch (Northern Europe, Sweden). Official website
Brief presentation and contacts.
Site languages: English, Svenska   Referrals: +16/-4
Added: 12.07.2011, updated: 06.12.2016
Categories: Parishes of Patriarchate of Antioch
Rating system: 100 (#15)
Page status:
Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints, Garfield, NJ

Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarchal Parishes in the USA (North America, USA). Private site
Orthodox and world news. History. Sacraments. Orthodox music in mp3 format. Photos, schedule, Sunday school, parishes, weekly bulletin, online club, calendar. Miscellaneous, clergy, humour, Patriarch, & Bishop.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +13/-17
Added: 15.06.2001, updated: 08.06.2016
Categories: Webpages by Priests, World Countries
See also: Sound Files, Sunday and Parish Schools, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 95 (#16)
Page status:
Synergy. The Icon-Art Studio of St. George Phiolent Balaklava Monastery

Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Simferopol and Crimea (South, Russia). Official website
Gallery of icons painted in different styles and techniques. Information about the monastery and the icon-art studio. The icon-painter of the icon-art studio is hierodeacon Alipio. Technique and materials: oil or temperа, carved, stamping gesso (leukos), gold leaf.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:,
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +11/-27
Added: 26.07.2009, updated: 09.12.2015
Categories: Icon Painting Shops, Icon Painting
See also: Icon Collections
Rating system: 93 (#17)
Page status:
Pantocrator. Christian Orthodox Spiritual Material

Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Not associated with any particular region, Greece). Private site
Website distributing Christian Orthodox spiritual material for free.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:,,
Site languages: English, Ελληνικά   Referrals: +12/-10
Added: 25.05.2008, updated: 20.09.2016
Categories: Web Collections
Rating system: 82 (#18)
Page status:
St. Andrew House Discussion Forum, Detroit, MI
Orthodox Church in America (North America, USA). Official website
A discussion forum about Orthodox unity in America and how to achieve it.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-76
Added: 26.04.2005, updated: 23.02.2009
Categories: Discussion Boards
Rating system: 76 (#19)
Page status:
Church of the Life-Spring (Zoodohou Pigis), Mytilini, Lesvos
Orthodox Church of Greece (Balkans, Greece). Official website
Lives of the Saints, articles, Orthodox spirituality lectures in mp3 format.
Mirrors and alternative site versions:
Site languages: Русский, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Ελληνικά, Shqip, Georgian, Românã, Suomi, 日本語, 中文   Referrals: +5/-42
Added: 25.06.2006, updated: 10.03.2017
Categories: Parishes of Orthodox Church of Greece, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, Electronic Libraries
See also: Sermons, Prayers, Prayer Collections, Ecumenism, Apostasy, Children, Upbringing, Calendars, Names, Saints, Theology, Holy Fathers Heritage, Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 72 (#20)
Page status:
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