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Miracle of the Holy Fire. One of the greatest miracles of God

Russian Orthodox Church (South-Western Europe, Italy). Official website
Description of the Miracle of Holy Light (Holy Fire) that happens every year in Jerusalem. Where, when and how the miracle occurs. History. The miracle that is unknown in the West. Question of the authenticity. Pictures, stories, witnesses.
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Ελληνικά, Български, Српски, Românã, Polski, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-24
Added: 25.12.2001, updated: 01.03.2019
Categories: Miracles
See also: Photography, History, Culture, Art and Science
Rating system: 24 (#23)
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Orthodox Liturgical Texts And Resources
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR) (North America, USA). Private site
The Reader Service Horologion: containing the services of Typika, the Hours, Vespers, Matins, the All-Night Vigil, Small Compline, Great Compline, The Midnight Office, the Moleben, and instructions on how to do Reader Services. The Variable portions of Typika. Chinese Orthodox texts on-line (both liturgical and non-liturgical). Liturgy in Danish. Services and Prayers in French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian. Slavonic, Spanish, Swedish.
Site languages: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Ελληνικά, Românã, Dansk, Português, 日本語, 中文, others   Referrals: +0/-13
Added: 22.08.2003, updated: 24.04.2016
Categories: Liturgy, Electronic Libraries
See also: Webpages by Priests, Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR)
Rating system: 13 (#47)
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Rastko. Electronic Library of Serbian Culture
Serbian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Serbia and Montenegro). Official website
Antropology, Ethnography, Archeology, Theology, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Theatre, Music, Cinema, Video, Fotography. Special projects on Serb Culture in Poland, Luzhicy, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania and others.
Site languages: English, Українська, Deutsch, Italiano, Български, Македонски, Slovenščina, Shqip, Românã, Polski, Magyar, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-8
Added: 18.07.2004, updated: 25.02.2019
Categories: Websites in World Languages, Electronic Libraries, Orthodox Web Portals
See also: Orthodox Church Music and singings, Orthodoxy around the World, Science, Film, Video, Photography, Language, Language Studies, Written Language, History, Music, Theology, Holy Fathers Heritage, Serbian Orthodox Church, The Orthodox Church, Literature, Culture, Art and Science
Rating system: 8 (#76)
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Dagmaria. Cultural Society

Russian Orthodox Church (Northern Europe, Denmark). Official website
Dagmaria society is a charity organization dedicated to popularization of Empress Maria Feodorovna Romanova – Danish princess Dagmar, as well as her court – Russian people, who joined the dowager empress on the way to Denmark after revolution in Russia.
Site languages: Русский, English, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 29.10.2010, updated: 06.07.2018
Categories: Foundations, Charities
See also: Publishing and Printing Houses, History
Rating system: -
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Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Ven. John James the Chozebite and Ven. Dimitrie the New Church in Odense
Romanian Orthodox Church (Northern Europe, Denmark). Official website
Church schedule and photos.
Site languages: English, Ελληνικά, Românã, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 30.01.2012, updated: 28.08.2016
Categories: Parishes of Romanian Orthodox Church
Rating system: -
Page status:
The Royal Martyrs of Russia Church in Hesbjerg
Russian Orthodox Church (Northern Europe, Denmark). Official website
A parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Denmark, Moscow Patriarchate. Relics, Orthodoxy in Denmark, news, archives, calendar and feedback.
Site languages: Русский, English, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 17.12.2007, updated: 06.02.2019
Categories: World Countries
See also: Orthodoxy around the World
Rating system: -
Page status:
Skt. Aleksander Nevskij Kirke i København
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR), Diocese of Germany (Western Europe, Denmark). Official website
Historie, kalender, bønner, kontakt.
Site languages: Русский, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-2
Added: 07.09.2004, updated: 06.02.2019
Categories: ROCOR Parishes
See also: Orthodoxy around the World, Prayers, Prayer Collections
Rating system: -
Page status:
Menigheden „De rumænske hellige” i Roskilde
Romanian Orthodox Church (Northern Europe, Denmark). Official website
Om menigheden, billeder, kontakt.
Site languages: Românã, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 30.01.2012, updated: 29.11.2016
Categories: Parishes of Romanian Orthodox Church
Rating system: -
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Den danske ortodokse menighed “Gudsmoders Beskyttelse”, Copenhagen
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Northern Europe, Denmark). Official website
Gudsmoders Beskyttelse er en del af det Vesteuropæiske Eksarkat, Patriarkatet i Konstantinopel. Ortodoks tro og liv. Kirkens liturgi og mysterier. Arkiv og artikler. Gudstjenester. Aktuelt. Ikoner. Links.
Site language: Dansk   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 24.02.2006, updated: 20.12.2012
Categories: Parishes of Ecumenical Patriarchate
See also: Foundations of the Orthodox Faith
Rating system: -
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Aftersounds of Heaven. International Cultural Project

Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Official website
Attention! The site contains an unmoderated text or banner ads (See also: Orthodox Web Hosting)
The project is aimed at the revival of interest to imperishable Christian values, traditions and love to Motherland in the contemporary art. Revival of interest in spiritual literature and spirituality among youth. Poetic events, concerts, radio broadcasts and presentations.
Site languages: Русский, English, Deutsch, Српски, Dansk   Referrals: +0/-8
Added: 10.11.2010, updated: 21.06.2018
Categories: Musical Events, Poetry
See also: Classical Music, Music
Rating system: -
Page status:
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