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Saint Adomnan Hermitage, Scotland
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR) (Western Europe, Great Britain). Official website
This site is about the revitalisation of monasticism in the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland, reflecting the Orthodoxy of those places prior to the Norman invasion. Hermit work, worship, monasteries, and gallery.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-21
Added: 12.06.2015
Categories: Monasticism, ROCOR Monasteries and convents, Orthodoxy around the World
Rating system: 21 (#161)
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Nea Skiti. Orthodox Monasticism

Orthodox Church of Greece (Balkans, Greece). Official website
Maintained by the Brotherhood of Spyridon Heirmonk. Articles and study suggestions on Orthodox monasticism. Books for sale online.
Site languages: English, Ελληνικά   Referrals: +0/-10
Added: 25.03.2013
Categories: Monasticism
See also: Bookstores, E-Shops
Rating system: 10 (#663)
Page status: Orthodox Monasticism and Patristics

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (North America). Private site
Patristic source texts in English. Studies of the Church Fathers, monastics, spirituality, and general Church history and theology. Christology area. Liturgic resources. Study of classical Greek.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-9
Added: 28.10.2004, updated: 03.08.2018
Categories: Monasticism, Webpages by Lay People
See also: Liturgy, Language, Language Studies, Written Language, Church History, Theology, Holy Fathers Heritage, Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 9 (#714)
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Mount Athos. The Holy Mountain
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Balkans, Greece). Private site
A virtual tour of the oldest monastic republic still in existence. See the pictures, discover what life is like here, find out how you can visit in person. Detailed trekking guide included.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-7
Added: 22.06.2005, updated: 24.03.2017
Categories: Monasticism, Monasteries of Ecumenical Patriarchate
Rating system: 7 (#1035)
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Lessons From a Monastery. Personal Blog
Orthodox Church in America (North America, Canada). Private site
Blog of Matushka Constantina. Reflections on learning from those wiser than the world. Reasons to visit a monastery. Orthodox fiction press. Orthodox monasticism. The scent of holiness.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-7
Added: 04.11.2014
Categories: Monasticism, Webpages
See also: Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 7 (#1068)
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Athos in America
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (North America, USA). Private site
Articles on monasticism. Monastery links.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-6
Added: 23.06.2005, updated: 13.08.2013
Categories: Monasticism
See also: Monasteries of Ecumenical Patriarchate
Rating system: 6 (#1255)
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The Crimean Lavra. The Monastery of Holy Dormition

Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Simferopol and Crimea (South-West, Russia). Official website
The oldest Carthusian monastery in the Christian orthodox world, situated in the Crimea at 2 km from Bakhchisaray, in the Mariampol pass. Information for pilgrims, photos and donations.
Site languages: Русский, English, Français   Referrals: +0/-28
Added: 26.05.2007, updated: 12.07.2018
Categories: Monasteries and Convents
See also: Monasticism
Rating system: 28 (#75)
Page status:
The Monastery of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Manton, California
Orthodox Church in America (North America, USA). Official website
Established by His Grace the Right Reverend Tikhon, Bishop of the Diocese of San Francisco and the West of the OCA. The Brotherhood strives to live a traditional monastic life informed by the practice of Valaam Monastery and the Holy Mountain.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-18
Added: 16.07.2004, updated: 18.09.2018
Categories: Monasteries of Orthodox Church in America
See also: Monasticism, Sales of Icons, Liturgical Vestments and Mass Utensils
Rating system: 18 (#214)
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Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Monastery, Kemp, TX
Orthodox Church in America (North America, USA). Official website
Service schedule, administration, events, donations, newsletter, about Orthodoxy and monastacism, lives of the saints, St. Xenia Cemetery, St. Seraphim Retreat Center, bookstore, and contacts.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-14
Added: 06.02.2017, updated: 07.02.2017
Categories: Monasteries of Orthodox Church in America
See also: Monasticism, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 14 (#368)
Page status:
St. Demetrios of Thessaloniki Monastery, Framingham, MA
Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarchal Parishes in the USA (North America, USA). Official website
Administration, St. Demetrios of Thessaloniki, St. John of Shanghai, about Orthodoxy, monastic way of life, service schedule, directions, and contact.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-12
Added: 29.04.2018
Categories: Monasteries and Convents
See also: Monasticism, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, Saints, Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 12 (#459)
Page status:
Holy Trinity Family in Douma
Patriarchate of Antioch (Middle East, Lebanon). Official website
St. John the Baptist convent and St. Silouan the Athonite monastery.
Site languages: English, العربية   Referrals: +0/-11
Added: 05.02.2011, updated: 18.01.2016
Categories: Monasteries of Patriarchate of Antioch, Electronic Libraries
See also: Monasticism, Publishing and Printing Houses, Children, Upbringing, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, Saints, Orthodox Faith
Rating system: 11 (#547)
Page status:
Monastère de la Dormition de la Mère de Dieu à La Faurie
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Western Europe, France). Official website
Présentation de l'histoire et de la spiritualité du monastère, informations pratiques (comment s'y rendre, retraites au monastère), publications, chroniques. Métochion St Cassien à Manosque. Informations sur la Métropole Grec-Orthodoxe de France.
Site language: Français   Referrals: +0/-7
Added: 13.05.2004, updated: 06.08.2012
Categories: Monasteries of Ecumenical Patriarchate
See also: Monasticism, Dioceses of Ecumenical Patriarchate, Ecumenical Patriarchate
Rating system: -
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