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Saint Demetrios Hellenic Orthodox Community of Astoria
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (North America, USA). Official website
Saint Demetrios cathedral, middle school & high school, afternoon school, and elementary school.
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Added: 11.12.2014
Categories: Parishes of Ecumenical Patriarchate, Sunday and Parish Schools, Orthodox Schools and Gymnasiums, Education
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Christmas Monastery. Music Ministry of New Tikhvin Mother of God Skete, Palm Coast, FL
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR) (North America, USA). Official website
Outreach through online programs, face to face music lessons and scheduled workshops. Enrichment and/or K-12 studies, ​ESOL, gifted & special needs.
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Added: 10.11.2016, updated: 08.08.2020
Categories: ROCOR Monasteries and convents, Sunday and Parish Schools, Music
See also: Precentor and Choral Schools, Children, Upbringing, Education
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The Aurel Jivi Society
Romanian Orthodox Church (Eastern Europe, Romania). Official website
This blog has been created for the students attending the author's English for Theology class. It contains Orthodox links and various teaching materials. There is also a chat applet for sharing thoughts on the reading materials and Orthodoxy in general.
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Added: 14.01.2008, updated: 26.01.2010
Categories: Orthodox Educational Fellowships
See also: Textbooks, Education
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L'Institut Orthodoxe « Saint-Jean-le-Théologien » à Bruxelles
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Western Europe, Belgium). Official website
Portail officiel de l’Institut Orthodoxe Saint-Jean-le-Théologien. Le centre de formation théologique « Saint Jean le Théologien ». Les cours de religion orthodoxe. Programme des cours, calendrier académique, plan d’accès, valves.
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Added: 18.12.2007, updated: 29.08.2018
Categories: Cleric Schools and Courses, Orthodox Schools and Gymnasiums, Education
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Centre d’études et de prière Sainte-Croix
Romanian Orthodox Church (Western Europe, France). Private site
Le Centre Sainte-Croix se trouve en pleine nature et vous propose : une étude approfondie de l’anthropologie chrétienne, une approche de la thérapie chrétienne dans l’héritage des Pères du Désert, une introduction et un approfondissement de la vie de prière dans l’esprit de la Philocalie, des ateliers d’art liturgique.
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Added: 23.02.2006, updated: 09.08.2018
Categories: Parishes of Romanian Orthodox Church, Sunday and Parish Schools, Icon Painting Schools
See also: Conferences, Lectures, Seminars, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, Education
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Orthodoxe Theologie an der Lüdwig-Maximilians Universität München
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Western Europe, Germany). Official website
Ausbildungseinrichtung für Orthodoxe Theologie. Biblische Theologie. Geschichtliche Theologie und Ökumenik. Systematische Theologie. Praktische Theologie. Studium und Promotion in Orthodoxe Theologie.
Site language: Deutsch   Referrals: +0/-2
Added: 29.08.2004, updated: 25.11.2019
Categories: Orthodox Education in Secular Schools and Universities
See also: Orthodox Universities and Colleges, Theology, Holy Fathers Heritage, Education
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Orthodox Home Church School. Yahoo! Group
North America, USA). Private site
Attention! The site contains an unmoderated text or banner ads (See also: Orthodox Web Hosting)
English language e-mail group for those teaching children the Orthodox faith at home. Founded in 1998. Message history.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-2
Added: 11.11.2004, updated: 06.12.2019
Categories: Children, Upbringing, Newsgroups, Fido, Mailing Lists
See also: Children's Homes, Education, Discussion Boards, Orthodox Inter-Communication
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