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Eastern Church Music Resources
Autonomous Orthodox Church of Finland (Northern Europe, Finland). Private site
Resources on Eastern (Orthodox/Slavic) church singing. Scanned music books (Slavonic and others), books and papers on church music and related matters (in Russian and other languages), musical arrangements and compositions (in Slavonic, Finnish, English, Russian and other languages). Available in PDF format.
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Site languages: Русский, English, Suomi, others   Referrals: +0/-12
Added: 20.12.2006, updated: 15.10.2018
Categories: Orthodox Church Music and singings, Vocal Music, Liturgy, Music
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Pritcha (Parable). The Vocal Quartet of Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery

Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Kazan (Volga Region, Russia). Official website
Orthodox liturgy chants, Russian folk songs, romances. The Vocal Quartet “Pritcha” of Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery. Discography. Repertoire. Audio files (mp3). Contacts.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +0/-5
Added: 28.01.2001, updated: 23.01.2019
Categories: Performers and Ensembles
See also: Sound Files, Orthodox Church Music and singings, Vocal Music, Music
Rating system: -
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The School of Ecclesiastic Music, Mount Lebanon
Patriarchate of Antioch (Middle East, Lebanon). Official website
The School strives to spread the Byzantine music and the correct chanting according to musical rules inherited from the Orthodox liturgy. Year after year, SEM moves forward with firm steps towards professionalism, strongly believing that the offering to the Almighty should come from the best herd. The school foresees the Byzantine music as an exceptionally important means, especially in our technological and entertaining era, to attrach the youth to church, to its liturgy, thus to the commitment community life.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-3
Added: 13.01.2008, updated: 03.04.2019
Categories: Precentor and Choral Schools
See also: CD and Cassette Recordings, Orthodox Church Music and singings, Vocal Music, Music
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Theotokos – It Is Truly Meet. International Festival for Orthodox Music, Pomorie
Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Bulgaria). Official website
The Festival is organized in response to the growing interest in Orthodox music, its preservation and dissemination, creation and performance of Orthodox chants worldwide. Rules, conditions, participation form, participants, links and contacts.
Site languages: Русский, English, Български   Referrals: +0/-7
Added: 28.01.2005, updated: 20.05.2018
Categories: Musical Events, Cultural Public Events
See also: Choral Music, Chants, Orthodox Church Music and Singing, Orthodox Church Music and singings, Vocal Music, Music
Rating system: 7 (#697)
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Lilychant. Orthodox Music Software
Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sourozh (Western Europe, Great Britain). Official website
Free software for creating sheet music. The software is designed specifically for setting English translations of Orthodox liturgical texts to the traditional Russian tones. The site also contains pattern files for the tones and some example settings.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-6
Added: 08.03.2014, updated: 05.04.2019
Categories: Programs, scripts, Web services, Choral Music, Chants, Musical Scores
See also: Orthodox Church Music and Singing, Orthodox Church Music and singings, Vocal Music
Rating system: 6 (#751)
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